By: Rosa Lo Duca


Habitandando Experience

HabitAndando: a project that immediately fascinated me: right from the very first lines of the informative brochure downloaded from the internet, I read it all at once. Love at first sight. A motion bit in right in my heart: I want to be there.

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By: Giovanni Vecchio

Habitandando: building and living bridges between Italy and Colombia

To inhabit a place in just two weeks. A place that, moreover, is very far - geographically and culturally - from your home country. This is the challenge with which this year the Habitandando workshop has brought some architecture students from Colombia to Italy.

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By: Dialoghi in Architettura


Now will we make things, together

Dialogues in Architecture, after the cancellation of the Habitandando Workshop scheduled this year in Brazil on the occasion of the International Architecture Congress scheduled in Rio de Janeiro "All worlds, one world", we are starting on a path in search of "shared horizons".

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