Events & News

Events and News

Various initiatives and activities are developed throughout the year to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue.

With particular focus on emerging issues, it has promoted International Seminars, Workshops of cultural deepening

and of civic and professional incentive, moments of exchange between Universities.


It has encouraged the debate on specific issues by intervening in Seminars and Conferences, in the comparison with other frameworks. It has given life to new 'formats' with current fundamental issues to deal with, which are now becoming fixed appointments throughout the year.


Below we'll show you the events of this year:

HOMESeminar 2020

Dialogues in Architecture, after the cancellation of the Habitandando Workshop scheduled this year in Brazil on the occasion of the International Architecture Congress scheduled in Rio de Janeiro "All worlds, one world", we are starting on a path in search of "shared horizons".

Habitandando - Italy 2018

HabitAndando - Italy 2018 'Re-knowing the roots, inhabiting the present'.   

From June 16th to 28th the itinerant workshop Habitandando will take place in Italy. 
A project started in 2015 that has been outlined in the following years as a fixed appointment promoted by Dialoghi in Architettura in collaboration with the University of 'La Salle' of Bogotà and the University G.d'Annunzio of Pescara. 

"The journey as a method, the territory as aula" are the words that accompany each Habitandando, even if from year to year the places visited and the theme of deepening that unites them change. 

 This year's theme will be: re-knowing the roots, inhabiting the present and its stages travel all over the Adriatic from Venice to Otranto.

Habitandando Colombia - 2017

And now we will go beyond the Atlantic to experience the trip as a method and the territory as aula in Colombia.

Il Varco 2017

The new cultural challenges bring out a characteristic of today's time: urgency. The urgent action is what needs to be put into effect, preferably in a very instant and functional implementation. It is therefore reasonable to ask whether art and artistic disciplines in general, in these increasingly frenetic times, are still so urgent. Probably the answer would be negative.


What the Varco intends to propose (and proposes itself) is an attempt to reach the heart of the disciplines of music, cinema, architecture and literature to define in them a "sense". In a perspective of urgency and necessity, however, the term "need" is preferred.

Habitandando - Italy 2017

Walking is a revolutionary act, but also a natural one. It remains as something extraordinary, fantastic and democratic.


Habitandando is walking; it's going through an itinerary, it’s like a workshop; observing, with the direct listening of the experiences, knowing places by learning from people and stories, environments and perfumes.

Habitandando consists of two concepts that are apparently in conflict: dwelling and going.

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